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About Us

Welcome to the page about us, our history and our cattles bloodlines.
About Us



We were married in 1967 and we moved in to our home on Bora Creek Road, formally known as Stowers Road. From there we increased the size of our farm over the years by purchasing neighbouring properties.


We have 4 children, 3 sons-in-law and 1 daughter in-law; Our son Jim has worked with us on the property since he was young. Jim & his wife are running most things now as we are taking things a little easier & moving closer to retirement.













We were married in 2010 and reside in my grandparents farm, 'Halstead' on Blackwell Road. I have worked with my parents on the farm since leaving school when I was 15yrs old and have been a part of Merrawindi ever since.


We have 2 children together; Maxwell and Bradley.



Our History

Merrawindi Pastoral Company commenced breeding Droughtmaster cattle over 40 years ago. In 1969 following some difficult calving situations and eye cancers with British breed cattle, the suggestion was made to us, as proprietors Ken & Kathy Stower that we should try the American imported breed of Santa Gertrudis but after several attempts with that breed, the problems with horns and temperament became apparent.


Current used sires are Merrawindi Vin Diesel, Dalmally Kenneth & Clonlara 1955.

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